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About Us

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Our Vision

To lead the train in providing an easy access to safe and potable water which is a basic human need; important for health and quality of life for clients’ satisfaction. ‘Water is life’!

Our Mission

To envision, create and maintain affordable, aesthetic and functional space using the best available technologies to reach the widest feasible taste of our clients’ needs.

Quality Assurance Statement x

  •  Identifying, outlining and adhering to all standards/codes of practices mentioned in the contract documents;
  •  Reviewing the factory test certificates/manufacturer’s warranty;
  •  Undertaking sampling and testing of soil, water, concrete works and other drilling materials;
  •  Adhering to all other works as relative to agreed specifications;
  •  Adhering to all drilling works according to the specified quality/quantities, dimensions, elevations, depth, and slopes as shown in the specifications and bills of quantities;
  •  Undertake pressure testing of piping works, reservoirs and tanks (if applicable);
  • Undertake performance site testing of installed electrical, mechanical, hydraulic and water treatment plant as outlined in RIGMARS PROJECTS LIMITED procurement plan (if applicable);
  •  Undertake commissioning tests (if applicable);Recommending alternatives to the best of Clients interest.


RIGMARS PROJECTS LIMITED is a name synonymous with excellence, offering designs, borehole drilling, water treatment plant solutions and overhead tanks, which respond to the ever increasing project complexities. Our detailed design and project management services are tailored to respond to our numerous clients’ needs. We consider aesthetics, functionality, as well as cost as an integral elements in our designs.

Policy Statement x

The company has a policy to carry out its activities in such a manner that ensures the good health, safety and security of its employees, subcontractors, and members of the public. To this end, this company hires the best available talent to conceive and implement its ideas. It creates a dynamic and rewarding work environment to nurture and sustain this creative spirit. Innovation is a core value; an ever-abiding quality of this company. It is renowned for its innovative spirit, continually seeing new alternative methods to achieve its stated objectives. The corporate culture is to encourage and reinforce a spirit of adventure and curiosity, aimed at discovering and implementing improved ways and means of delivering its products and services timely.

No work on RIGMARS PROJECTS LIMITED location is permitted without the appropriate statutory authorization permit as dictated by this Policy.

We do our work within the specified time limit and our delivery is timely as time management is one of our core values.


We offer professional and reliable services to households,land and property developers,as well as to commercial businesses.